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Now What?

Proposition 8 has passed in our state of California, which states that only marriage between a man and a woman is valid or recognized. Similar measures have also been taken in Arizona and Florida.

"It was a great victory," said the Rev. James Garlow, senior pastor of Skyline Church in San Diego County, and a leader of the campaign to pass the California measure, Proposition 8. "We saw the people just rise up." Fifty-two per cent of the people voted in California for Prop 8. Even greater was the percentage in Arizona and Florida. Altogether now, 30 states have passed bans on same sex marriages.

Shortly after the election, a friend who has a church in San Francisco sent me an e-mail asking for prayer. He told me that things were really heating up and that they needed prayer. Then I received a text from a friend that sent me to this website:

"Anger Over Prop. 8 Erupts In San Francisco"

Some of our friends from JHOP (Justice House of Prayer), led by Roger Joyner, came under fire on a Friday night. This article is what one person reported about what happened that Friday. The article is bunk.

Lou Engle spoke about what really happened at IHOP this morning. He had a girl from the JHOP group in San Francisco give her testimony. The JHOP group was worshipping down there, not talking to anyone, when the gay bars emptied and they were surrounded by people who were throwing hot coffee on them. They were screaming at them and saying things like, "We know the church you are from, and we are going to rape and kill you." The girl who was sharing her testimony was punched in the face by the mob surrounding them. The police finally came and had to escort them out, surrounding them with shields. She said that they all thought they were going to be killed.

As I can see it, this war has only just begun. It's not a war between the Christians and the homosexuals. It is a spiritual war that will be fought on our faces, crying out to God for justice and protection for those who are on the front lines.

There are other issues just within California itself that must be addressed as well: the abortion issue and the sex slave issue. (Please see this website).

The saying that keeps going through my mind is, "As California goes, so goes the nation." The mayor of San Francisco, Gavin Newsom, quoted this saying when the Supreme Court judges went over the people's vote and decided homosexual couples could get married. Obviously the mayor was referring to California being a leader in the cause. But as a believer, I have another take on this saying. Let's believe that California will reverse its very liberal laws and become a forerunner! The passing of Proposition 8 is only the first step.

It is my personal belief, having watched this through the eyes of prayer, that when you start praying for a specific thing, the first answer to your prayer is a stirring up and an exposure of the sin. We can see this within the body of Christ. We have been praying for a purity to come to the Church, and look what has happened in the last year. Much has been exposed. Do we hang our head, or do we say, "God you are doing a great work with us"? "You are God, purifying your Church!"

So, now what? It's obvious that this is not a time to rest from our prayers. More than ever, we must continue to press into God's heart for heavenly answers to earthly problems. I encourage you to look up first so you can look down. Look to God for answers, because the God who created this planet has an outrageously good plan for it. I refuse to be one who just hangs on until God comes back. We are revivalists who bring the Kingdom to earth!