We have eight grandchildren. I really love learning from them. One of our granddaughters, Selah, is a mystic. What I mean by that is that she sees into the spirit realm and she lives there; that is her life. We have some amazing stories from her. I would like to share with you what Selah saw about 2009.

Selah loves to dance, and when she dances, she brings heaven to earth. She uses dance as a way of intercession and warfare sometimes. She was dancing in one of our Friday night services and it was a mix between ballet, hip hop and gymnastics. When she was dancing, she was having a vision at the same time. All of a sudden, she began laughing hysterically out of control and rolling around on the floor. Her mom had to take her out of the service when worship ended because she was the only one laughing.

After she calmed down, her mom asked her what had happened. Selah said, "I was dancing, and I saw these gifts beginning to fall all over the building. God told me what was inside two of the gifts. One was the gift of peace and the other was the gift of not being afraid. Then, there was one gift that was wrapped in brown with a red ribbon and it had a big S on it. I knew that was special for me and I opened my box and it was the gift of laughter! " Selah then rolled over and drew a picture of the two gifts and a person lying down and holding a sign up that said, "Laughing 2009."

After this happened, my son called me and told me her vision. I absolutely loved it. I don't know about you, but I will take that! I will take those three things for 2009: peace, fearlessness and laughter! Let's dive into the heart of the Father for this year. Laughter for 2009!