Recently I felt compelled to write an article to the mommies out there. I had a young mom write me because she just got surprised with a fourth! She was a little discouraged and asked for some counsel on how to get through the time of staying home with your children and how to survive the years of feeling like your dreams have been put on hold.

From my experience of having three children, I can say she has just been given the most amazing gift. I only had three and wish now that I had had more. Yes, there were times when it was hard, but I had set it in my heart when I was a very young girl that I would give myself to my children and that both Bill and I would raise world changers.

When we put our children to bed at night, we would tell them that they and God could do anything together. We called them world changers for God from the time they were very young.

What you sow into them now, you will reap a great harvest from in the future. Please be patient in this amazing time of your life. God has entrusted YOU because He sees what you have to give to your children.

One of my heroes is Susannah Wesley. She had many, many children. She completely gave herself to them, and look what came of it: two reformers, John and Charles Wesley.

I told myself that if I multiplied myself through my children, they in turn would impact the world. That is just what is happening. Eric, Brian and Leah are married, have given us 8 amazing grandchildren, and are on our staff here at Bethel. Eric is overseer of our missions department and our second year school of ministry. Brian is our worship pastor who travels all over the world, training and leading people into a love relationship with Jesus. And, Leah is a stay-at-home mommy who is a photographer and one of our worship leaders--and she has just produced her first worship CD. She has a very busy life and also has three kids, and I don't know how she does it. She has far exceeded what I would have ever done as a mother of three small children.

I realize it is hard to look to the future when all you can see is poopie diapers and piles of laundry. But, when I was in that season, I had to give myself a break so that I wouldn't be so hard on myself. The only time I had to pray or talk to God was while I was doing dishes and THAT is OK. Enjoy those small moments because I promise that they pay off in the long run.

From one mom to another,

Much love and grace,



The year 2009 is here. I am becoming strongly aware of what is going to take place this year. It is a big deal. One of the meanings of the number nine is "An end of an era." I believe this is very significant for us as we are entering the beginning of a new era.

Bill and I have really been going after this year in prayer and thought. It is time for breakthrough. We hear that word all of the time, but what I mean by that in this year is that we will begin to see breakthrough for what we have been crying out for, for so long--especially in the area of healing. We are going after things like autism, cancer, and the different diseases that we have been plagued with. I really believe that we are going to begin to see a breakthrough and a takeover of these diseases. This makes me really excited about what is ahead.

I believe that the Word of God is going to be very key in this taking over. Bill and I have been reading a book together called Health Food, written by Kenneth Hagen. We read it and pray over the year and our family. We need to start using the Word in healing. It is alive and active today.

Breakthrough to each of you in this year!!