What to do: Hot Flashes, Night Sweats

I'm 55 and still having my periods, and I have entered into pre-menopause. I'm more regular than when I was young. Like, to the day on time. OY! Can we be done with it now?!

Several years ago I started having hot flashes. Now, there are two kinds of flashes: the mild ones that get you hot and bothered, and then there are the ones that start in your chest and move through your whole body. Either of those I can live without. When I had my first "in the chest one," it freaked me out. I had always had the mild ones--you know the kind that you get when you are cooking or get overheated and your body triggers, and you grab the first thing you see to fan yourself. But I never had had the "chest ones." It so freaked me out that I called a friend and said, "Something just happened to me that I don't ever want to happen again. What was that?!?!" She told me that it was the "in your chest kind."

These flashes are the worst things ever. I've had two so far. And, I'm working on not having any more as long as I live. Thank you, Jesus! I think there are a lot of things in life that we think we have to live with because in our history.... Or our mothers or someone else tells us we have to because it just comes along with getting old. That really gets me. Yes, it really bothers me that someone is trying to dictate my life to me. I'm a baby boomer, and there is something in a baby boomer that rebels against someone telling us what we have to settle for in life. I know normally rebellion is a bad thing, but in this case and the case of your life, REBEL. I'm taking my life in my hands, and with God's help I'm not settling for the "Because I'm getting older" limitation.

Here is what I've learned that I've found to help with the aging agelessly. When I started changing my lifestyle through proper diet, exercise and using great supplements, I found that you can actually change the negative into a positive. (You can read my story in baby steps.)

I've been taking Sea Aloe for over five years now. I don't even remember how I got a hold of it. All I know is that it was a godsend. It's a liquid vitamin that I take once a day. I had been taking it for three weeks, and we were scheduled to take a trip back East for a conference. I decided that I would leave the Sea Aloe home because it was too hard to take since it is a liquid. By the time we got to our destination, we were into our third day and I was having the most emotional time I've ever experienced. Like, going crazy feelings. You know ladies, the kind where you can't tell whether you are going to kill someone or just sit down and bawl like a baby. I told Bill, "When we get to the church, you have to find me someone who either has the stuff or can tell us where to find it." He was obviously all over the idea because he could sense that I was exploding. And how many husbands know that they will do anything at any time to get the wife feeling better! So as we walked into the church, I was thinking, "I really don't think I can handle this," and Bill immediately saw the pastor and asked if they by any chance had or knew of anyone who had Sea Aloe. The pastor lit up and said, "Yes, we happen to use it all the time and have some back in the kitchen." I can't even tell you how I felt inside. It was like Christmas and springtime all wrapped into one. I took the Sea Aloe and within an hour I was back to normal. Since that time, Sea Aloe and I have been great friends, never parting from each other.

Not everyone can take Sea Aloe, but most can. I've been giving it to young women who experience hormonal ups and downs, and they have seen great results. I'm not sure what the secret formula is that they put in this great product, but keep it up!! My practitioner is not crazy about this product, but when I took it in to her and it muscle tested 100% good for me, it kind of surprised her. As long as I take Sea Aloe, I feel really balanced and not crazy.

Another secret that I have found to help is staying away from white breads. I love bread. Who doesn't? My favorite thing at the writing of this article is a good whole grain bread with olive oil. Make sure if you are going to eat bread that it has no sugar or high fructose corn syrup in it. That is hard to do, but you can do it. A good bread should have seven grains or more in it. Ask your grocer to get you some. And then, as usual, balance it on how much you are eating. Don't go crazy with the bread. What gets the hot flashes going is the white stuff in the bread and the sugars, which leads me to the next tip.

Sugar. Oy, how we love this little devil. Sugar was the last thing I broke myself from. It took me two months to break the habit and addiction. But I found that there are other sweets out there that you can use as a sub that are good for you. Google it! For me sugar really triggers the flashes. It also triggers Candida, better known as yeast infections.

I have experienced all of these tips to find out what works for me. Eating too much white bread or even whole wheat bread causes problems. Most of the whole wheat breads that you buy still will have white flour in them.

It really comes down to how much do I want this? Am I happy with hot flashes, feeling like I'm going crazy, or moods swings? I don't think so. Do yourself a favor and do yourself some good. It's time for you to take care of yourself. All those around you deserve to see the real you.

Try these tips out for a month or two and let me know how you are doing. I love the stories that come in as people learn about their bodies and take action.

One more thing while I have you. Eat fresh alive food. Don't settle for heavy processed food. I watch people all the time eat horrible processed foods and then they wonder why they are having problems with arthritis, fatigue and the list goes on. REBEL, I say! REBEL for the good of you!!!



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