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I love testimonies like this! It makes me happy when people take care of themselves and see major results. It really is a lifestyle. Wanted to share this with you all.

To your health!!


Hi Beni,

You don't know me but I attended the wellness seminar in August of 2007. I just wanted to tell you that I have been incorporating little bits of that into my life and have especially enjoyed reading Roger DeHaan's books. I've added more raw foods into my life and in general am taking much better care of myself. Thanks so much for doing that seminar. It was so good for me. Perfect timing. Since then I have lost about 60 more pounds for a total of 90. I have 55 more to go and am so thrilled at the new lease on life. God's grace has been so sweet through it all. I have even recovered from a broken tibia ankle, which led to surgery, which caused a blood clot to lodge in my lungs. While in ICU for that, I was also diagnosed with diabetes. I was discouraged but I kept at it and worked hard to keep getting healthier because I did not want to take drugs just because I was refusing to control my eating. One year after the diagnosis, I have reversed the diabetes and am "no longer diagnosable as diabetic."

In April I ran my first half marathon. I DID IT! It was so empowering! Jesus said to me when I began running. "You provide the effort; I'll provide the strength." I did and He did.

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