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Getting Healthy
Around four years ago, I felt like God told me to get in shape and get healthy. So, for the last four years, I have been on a pursuit of doing just that. I was about twenty pounds overweight and had hypertension. I can now tell you that I have lost the weight that I needed to lose, and my blood pressure is doing great.

At first, it wasn't easy, and many times I asked God for help on just what to do. He did help me and gave grace in those times.

There are so many elements that play into our health. And, it can get very confusing when you try to figure out where to start. But, start is what we need to do!

Taking Baby Steps

Ask yourself this question, "What do I need to do first?" and then do that. When you have done the first step, go on to the next. For me, my first step was going off sugar. I didn't stop all at once. Sugar had been my friend for a long time. A pound of chocolates and I would have a wonderful time in a day. Yes, that's right -- the whole pound in a day! Of course, I would feel awful the next day. It took two months to get off of sugar, and that would include artificial sweeteners as well. From there, I began to take other steps. It has been going on for four years now. Life is good, and I feel good, too.

There are so many helpful resources out there right now that are not diets. They have practical, make-sense advice that works really well. One of those resources is a book that I came across called, "The Seven Pillars of Health" by Don Colbert, M.D. I have found this book to be so helpful and most of all, doable. Below is a list of steps we can take to become healthy from the inside out. These are from the book.

Pillar 1: water
Pillar 2: sleep and rest
Pillar 3: living food
Pillar 4: exercise
Pillar 5: detoxification
Pillar 6: nutritional supplements
Pillar 7: coping with stress

I have just given you these pillars in hopes that you will pursue them and start taking those baby steps to your health. I will be writing an article every month about wellness and steps to feeling better. This is something I am passionate about. When I felt the Lord telling me to get well, I also felt it was for the long haul. I want to be around for a long time!

It is important to see your health care provider and to keep under his or her care, but with that, you can also take your health into you own hands and make the change. It is not a fad, but a lifestyle.

It's time to get well.

To your health!


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